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tv   [untitled]    November 15, 2011 8:00am-8:30am PST

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process and the missions district, eastern neighborhoods, and concerns by usf about housing that already existed there are so many issues here, we could probably learn a lot in the next few weeks to be able to for better legislation. but whatever the opinion of the commission is is what we will have to go with. commissioner moore: first i thought that what commissioner antonini is just tangent to is correct, but after having clarification, these are trailing opposite opinions. i am comfortable that this has been developed and is a mutually presented to us. so i basically would reiterate that it is a solid piece. commissioner borden: and this goes to the board of supervisors next? i think that there's an opportunity to present more information. i think we should do that if we feel strongly enough that we
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should discuss it with the board. then they could fix it. it also going to vote for the motion. you know, stating my some hesitancy are rounded. and we will go from there. >> to meet, this is somewhat analogous to something else that happened that involved the housing action coalition when i chaired it, which i did win this for started there. and that was the inclusion mary lead -- inclusionary legislation. we knew it was going to be changed and amended as it went forward. it had to get its foes in the door first. and it has worked out. soak it -- so it has been changed and amended. i would expect the same here. but we have to start somewhere. >> the motion is for approval as staff has recommended to you, with the changes that have been
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read into the record by ms. heyward today. that includes a prohibition and not conditional use requirements. on that motion, commissioner antonini? >> no. >> commissioner borden? >> yes. >> yes. >> yes. >> yes. >> the motion passes, five-one, with commissioner antonini voting against. thank you, commissioners. >> do you want to take a 10- minute break? >> when we come back, been >> we are now on item 11a, b, c, and d. for, 6 -- for , sfmoma.
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>> good afternoon peter i am, with the planning staff. my request is for several actions regarding the expansion a note the existing san francisco museum of modern art. the existing sfmoma is at. this would demolish the two buildings. it would construct a new addition of approximately 230,000 square feet, reaching a height of approximately 200 feet. it would accommodate extended gallery space, including the collection and some free a publicly accessible art display areas and administrative and support functions for sfmoma. also as part of the project, an
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existing building located at 935 folsom street would be demolished and the new fire station would be construction on the northerly portion. the construction of the new fire station would be faced with the overall project to minimize the disruption in fire protection services and the functions fire station number one shifting locations. a resident of project would be construction in the future on the southerly portion of 935 folsom street site that is not occupied by the new fire station the other four factions for your consideration. first is the adoption of findings for the project under the california environmental quality act, including their rejection of alternatives, adoption of a statement the overriding consideration, and adoption of mitigation, monitoring, and reporting programs. second is the adoption of a general plan referral, funding the project lies with the objectives and policies with the general plan and the party policies of planning code section 101.1. three specific aspects trigger
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the referral. first, and what portion the public right of way for hunt street will be vacated and incorporated into the overall sfmoma expansion site. the referral is triggered by the construction of the fire station at 935 folsom street as well as the subdivision of the property and the two lead to enable future construction of residential project on the portion of that site. i would like to get a memo to conditional general plan policies and objectives that should be incorporated into the draft motion that were inadvertently omitted in the initial draft. this is primarily from the urban design element and is in support of the action. the third item for your consideration is a recommendation to the board of supervisors regarding a general plan amendment. it would revise mapped two of the community facilities element to reflect the relocation of fire station number one.
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the fourth and final action is a recommendation to the board of supervisors regarding a zoning map of men. it would rezone 676 howard st., the location of the existed location from public and it would reason the northerly portion or reload -- relocation site to public. the amendment is necessary to incorporate 676 and please note that the design of the expansion itself would be reviewed to the later hearing through the section 309 process provided that the other necessary approvals are granted by the commission and the board of supervisors. at this time i would also like to distribute to you letters that were received after publication of the staff report including letters of support from individuals, businesses, and organizations in the area. in addition, there is a leter from the sl offer representing the ownership of the hotel and
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raising the concerns that were raised regarding the continued access for loading and circulation functions that were brought up during the i.r. comment period. there is also a leter from council that is a response to that particular letter and describing how access would be maintained for the hotel. and so in summary, the staff supports the proposed project and recommends the approval of the action i just described to strengthen cultural vitality of the city and draw tourism and result in the construction of a new state-of-the-art fire station. and i would like to note that representatives from the san francisco fire department are here to speak but at this time i would like to turn it over to ken rich from the office of economic and work force development. he will give a brief overview of the real estate transactions involved.
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>> good afternoon, commissioners. nice to be in front of you again. i am here and i am ken rich with the office of economic and workforce development and i am here to refresh what brought us to this meeting. you have heard this before, so i will be brief. and we have worked out what is a real win-win for the city and is t s.f. moma which intends to expand the museum to generally expand the collection and s.f.moma has acquired the college building and will acquire howard street and fire station one and the moma will demolish both structures and contract a new wing and you have seen the presentation on this. and this would be at no cost to the fire station and this is a
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win-win for the city and s.f. moma to allow them to build and to expand the facilities to house the new collection and provide a new fire station which is superior in the physical layout and location. and at no cost to the city. and last year the board of supervisors adopted an ordinance approving a conditional landis position and land acquisition agreement between the city and s.f. moma laying out the series of transactions. and the overall schedule for the museum project and fire station is completion of the fire station and expected in early 2013. and the completion of the new museum wing is expected in mid 2015. thank you. >> good afternoon.
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i am the director of s.f. moma. it is a pleasure to speak to you. and thank you for the kind consideration of the e.i.r. which will enable to expand so bril lantly. i am accustomed to speaking about the museum and the cultural value and obviously we have one of the great museums in the country in s.f. moma in the city and this will enable to become one of the great modern museums and really today i want to emphasize the fundamental civic role and how important this expansion is for us. and in termses of san francisco and in city with 650,000 visitors and is 100,000 of the visitors come free of charge, free of admission and this is a special thing we offer free days, family free days, school groups visit us, and we are very proud of the fact that virtually 1/6 of the visitors come for
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free. we are expecting a dramatic increase in the visitation and we are going to be able to expand that dramatically. and when s.f. moma moved to the sight and we really see this expanding as we go forward and is expressing the designer and the trans bay terminal is completed, it will thrust visitor through the city and from east to west and will be open from four sides and this is a very exciting factor which will i think really greatly enhance south of market area. and third, we're extremely proud and excited about the innovative agreement with the fire department that will enable the construction of the first new
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fire house in san francisco in many, many years located in a much better location and better site. and we have worked well with the agencies and community groups and the arts commission has done the same and the board of supervisors has unanimously approved the land swap to enable this work to be done and before the planning commission on two occasions. we have met on a regular basis with spur and the community benefit district and meet regularly and keep apprised our neighbors and the hotels and the myers family and the restaurants and others. and we are fully aware and with
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the valet parking and we want to collaborate with them and to minimize the disruption in the operation. and various members are there. thanks very much. various members of the team are here to answer questions. >> i would like to tell you why the fire station would like to move in. that is located on howard street and with the tenderloin and the market it serves.
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there is too much traffic congestion that impacts the units that respond to the fire station and is too small and the station was originally designed for the arts and task force unit but after the station was deem ed inhabitable, we moved to howard street with three pieces of equipment there. an engine, truck, and rescue unit and two apparatus bays and the engine that have to work in tandem so if the rescue squad has to go out, someone has to move the engine into the street and vice versa. living conditions for the firefighters station number one are unacceptable. currently there is overcrowding and we have issues with rats and mosquitos and with those upgrades, it would be too small and overcrowded still.
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fortunately the city will not have to make this investment. and s.f. moma to construct the firehouse and land which they purchased and the new location is better for us and more importantly will enable us to provide better services which require so many calls, namely the fixed corridor in the tenderloin area. the fire department, s.f. moma and d.p.w. have been working to assure that the fire station best meets our needs and is designed to meet the department's exact specifications. once this fire station is completed, s.f. moma will turn over the keys to us and it will become acquired property and over the past few years we have had many opportunities to meet the neighbors at shipley street meetings and the soma leadership council at the south of market project area committee and the
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south of market community action macintoshing and even had a chance to spend time with the groupses on one of the fire boat rides for the change of venue. through the meetings we learned that the neighbors have real concerns about the impact the operations may have on their daily lives. we are committed to doing all we can to minimize the impact and providing the best level of public safety to the community. for example, the project includes a commitment to controls for the right of way at fifth and sixth streets to reduce the need for sirens and horns. we don't have that at third and howard. we work hard to be good neighbors to the stations and look forward to a good relationship with the neighbor. and the actions before us today will bring us a giant step closer to ground breakbreaking on in public safety facility. i hope that you will echo the unanimous vote of the fire
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commission in support of the action before you. thank you. >> we have several speaker cards. secretary avery: is your microphone on? commissioner miguel: sorry. christine grif fit, danny campbell, david nichol. >> good afternoon, again, commissioners. christine griffith and i want to reiterate again that the owners of the hotel are not opposed to the project as a whole. they want to make sure their concerns are heard and address ing and acknowledged and that hasn't really bun done. i'm going talk briefly about hunt lane which has been referred to periodically as landlocked and described in the document as a particular place for the firefighters to park.
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what that description leaves out is that the main part of the middle of that block, which is referred to as the notoma pad, the underlying pad is owned by boma but they have granted an ease tonight the public which has the same league significance as a public street and by vac e vacating the portion of hunt street, you are also vacating the legally public street that run through the middle of the block. our objections to the vacation of the hunt street has to do with in the long term access to the loading of the w. and it was approved with the loading in the back and designed to have access through the middle of the block. and the improvement measures that it's provided in the e.i.r. doesn't actually guarantee the access that it has now. and what we have asked for is a permanent easement to be enforceable by the w rather than
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through, i don't know, what, the notice of violation process they know all of you are very familiar with. and some of the frustrations that go along with enforcing a particular condition of approval and my clients like something they can really enforce and to make use of in the long term that is equivalent now which is the use of a public street. and it is necessary for the operations and state law doesn't allow you to vacate it and give it to a private party. and we would withdraw the objections if we had a permanent easement but we can't wrought the objections based on the improvement measure without it being specific to what the access is for and how it would be enforceable. and that relates to not only the 11a and 11b and the findings
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don't make the improvement measures explicitly enforceable and they reference only mitigation measures and don't trefrns improvement measures and they talk about the mmrp but the notion of the improvement measures is not directly addressed in the findings. we believe that the findings also aren't supported by substantial evidence in the record for many of the reasons that i have said before. i'll just say in the final five seconds, we are not against the project, but the issues the w has is very real and will cost them half a million dollars during the construction period alone. commissioner miguel: thank you. >> good afternoon, madam secretary, commissioners, and we are local union 104 and we're an affiliate of san francisco buildings trades council and i am here to urge you to move forward with this project and i think it's a wonderful win-win
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for the city and providing a new state-of-the-art fire station to help the san francisco fire department provide all the necessary services to the citizens here and expanding the muse museum. and will be an asset to future generation and tourists that want to come here. tiffed pleasure of kwloshg -- i have had the pleasure of working on the young museum and built and installed the heating and air conditioning and ventilation system and what is unique about that and what i bring up here is the indoor air quality required for that facility because it was such the artifacts and tapestries and things going in there, the air quality had to be, the humidity levels and the temperature had to be so precise
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it was a wonderful project to work on and i welcome something like this. so i urge you to move forward on this project. thank you very much for your time. commissioner miguel: thank you. >> greetings again, commissioners. david mecle, california college of the artses. it is a happy accident i get to speak to you a second time today. as a life long arts educator, it won't surprise you to know that i am here to speak in favor of the findings related to the final e.i.r. and the zoning changes required for sfmoma's expansion. much has changed from the original year when the complex was unveiled and at that time the area was a bit rough around the edges and as such the buildings were designed in a very controlled manner. it moot not be too -- it might not be too strong to use the term with an entrance light with a blank entrance and blank
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walls. and many years later the neighborhood has filled with residential units and restaurants and retail and other cultural facilities. and it sits on the edge of an exciting transformation of the trans bay terminal area. all of a sudden and the back and sides of sfmoma need to be additional fronts. what good fortune it is to have the opportunity to respond to that challenge with an addition that does exactly that, transforms a fortress like trap into a porous, welcoming cultural light beacon. and of course, even in a well-designed building which this one surely will be under the guidance of the talented team of architects needs assets that will attract and enrich the audience. once again we find ourselves in the enviable position of not only gaining a more friendly face for the neighborhood but also an enormous enhancement of program via the fischer
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collection. for example, all of a sudden zip doed 94103 will have the most el lshgsworth kelly paintings in the world. frank lloyd wright once famously quipped that a doctor can bury his mistakes but an architect can onliedy advise the clients plant vines. however, we are in the position to fine tune the original sfmoma building to better change a city so current and future residents may use it in new and wonderful ways. thank you. commissioner miguel: thank you. >> good afternoon. i am james gomez and proud member of painters and drywall finishers union in san francisco, california the we have a proud representative of
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district 16 that covers four crafts, on the site painters, glazers, dry wallers, and floor finishers and i stand in support of the full recommendation of the project where the highly skilled men and women to exemplify their skills on that project and finish it proud. thank you for your time. commissioner miguel: thank you. james ramirez -- >> that is all right. can i go ahead? >> great. thank you. good afternoon. we're the home to sfmoma and as you know, community benefit districts are a tool to enable property owners to improve the neighborhood and we are a cultural magnet home to 24 museums and golryes as well as a
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great -- and galleries as well as a place to live and visit and the neighborhood continues to be a vital institution. and the great neighbors are incredibly active and do a great job keeping us informed of all of their plans. the benefit district is focus and improving the quality of life for everyone who live there is, who works there, and who visits there. we are specifically foes kued on making sure it is a safe, clean, and safe neighborhood and activating public spaces a and will activate howard street with the distinctive and welcoming glass design to serve as a second entrance and take the pressure off the third street entrance buzz the sidewalks are not terribly wide. that also offers access to the
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gallery to the folks in the neighborhood without paying a fee. we think the additional people this museum will attract will support neighborhoods and businesses and that is one of the things we are excited to do. and active streets as we all know contribute to a sense of place and safety with a pride and we think the project will do that. and to we urge you to move the project forward and we are in support of the expansion. commissioner miguel: thank you. >> commissioners, hello, i am carrie tillman, the director for a city agency that has contributed about $300 million over 50 years and we're celebrating the 50th anniversary to the arts in san francisco. sfmoma is one of the organizations that has been funded for 50 continuous years by the city of san francisco. we have an enormous stake in the organization and i am thinking
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not just -- i am speaking on behalf of the whole arts community for which this addition and expansion of moma will be an important resource. and we are funded by the proceeds of the sales tax and expect more visitors to come and pay more sales tax to the arts organizations and other important services funded by the hotel tax. and 50 years ago policy makers had such an enlightened view of the art's ability to make our city welcoming to visitors, to give our residents opportunities for creativity and one of the things we have seen is the very large institutions grow up in the city of san francisco. we're a small city and we have institutions that are in the cities with many, many, larger
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populations and enlightened leadership in the policy makers for so many years. and sfmoma shines in this and we know it will help our economy and it will help the arts and i urge your support. and one final note, i have worked for the city for 30 years and a lot of large building projects and i don't think i have seen a project that has been so care to feel bring in the community and bring in the policy makers to work hand in glove and this is really a rare and marvelous opportunity. thank you so much. commissioner miguel: thank you. >> and good afternoon, commissioners. and i would like to tip my hat to soma. and a new fst


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